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Club Tropicana


How to benefit from interactive 3D environments

An interactive 3D environment is a space one can "live", visit, watch from inside, walk, sit, travel in vehicles, meet people, build houses, sail by yachts, watch cinemas, read newspapers and magazines, visit on-line libraries, access internet books, watch Youtube videos with friends, share documents, make telephone calls, collaborate with others, watch stock market charts, listen to news, and above all enjoy excellent music, make friends, understand people before meeting them physically. Virtual spaces are ideal for remote collaboration and work from home, but can also be fun when the shared area is a virtual club instead of virtual offices of some company. The Tropicana Club is such a public area created to demonstrate Online Collaboration but also to offer a place to meet friends and enjoy the splendid music that broadcasts.

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Welcome to your Music Adventures. Enjoy your favorite music with your friends in an interactive environment.


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Play Live

Live at Tropicana. Choose your clothes when you enter the club from a wide variety available to members.

Dance, chat, visit the shops around the club for online shopping.

Open Hours: 8:00pm – 3:00am